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Taisuke Kinugasa  衣笠 泰介

About the artist
Taisuke Kinugasa

Though suffering from autism, at an early age he taught himself how to paint and began producing artworks. He has exhibited works in a large number of individual and group exhibitions, and has won awards at a variety of art competitions.

What distinguishes him as an artist is a striking feeling for color that springs from his rare innate perceptive ability. His particular prism-like internal sensitivity mechanism acts to take in perceived light, amplify it, convert it directly into a rich aggregate of colors, and express the result before the eye.

On the screen, the high-purity colors create contrasts and rhythms that give rise to an autonomous feeling of movement, and this sense of movement, coupled with the freely decorative composition of the screen, evokes in the viewer a sense of fresh surprise and carefree pleasure.

This artist and his world of light are almost too much for us to drink in. His magical world of color, comfortably detached from the memories and interpretations of others, constitutes a revelation from a world of light, a revelation that has been received by this artist alone and which results in paintings that are little less than blessed.


■ Solo exhibitions

2008 Gallery Miracle … Kyoto

2011 Gallery CASO … Osaka

2012 Gallery Miracle … Kyoto

2013 Gallery Suzuki … Kyoto

2014 Grand Front Osaka North Building, Umekita Floor … Osaka

   Gallery Sora Bigin … Kyoto

   hpgrp gallery … New York

2015 Gallery Little House … Kyoto

   Belle … Sapporo

  Cafe Lattest Omotesado … Tokyo

2016 GK Gallery Ginza, Cafe Lattest Omotesando … Tokyo,Continental gallery…Sapporo

Cafe potto… Osaka

   RYCOM ANTHOLOPOLOGY Plaza House…Okinawa

■ Group Exhibition

2011 Contemporary Art Festival 2011 Biwako Exhibition … Otsu

  Hungary-Japan Cultural Exchange Exhibition … Budapest

2012 Japan-Korea Painting Cultural Exchange Exhibition, Seongnam Arts Center … South Korea

2013 Mori Art Museum, Hiyoshi Taisha Art Festival 2013 … Otsu

2014 Zero Art Japanese Contemporary Art 2014 Award-Winners’ Exhibition,

   hpgrp gallery … New York

2015 Midosuji Stroll Exhibition … Osaka

2016 Taeko Kubo & Taisuke Kinugara Joint Exhibition, Daimaru Kobe … Hyogo

2016 Jun Kawajiri & Taisuke Kinugara Exhibition, Hashimoto Kansetsu Memorial Hall … Kyoto

Hans across the pacific2016…Tokyo,Dalian CHINA

■ Project

Ema votive plaques … Shirakumo Shrine, Kyotogoen (dedicated June 15, 2011)

Live hand-painting of 25 m of silk … Kamedatomi Dye Factory (April 15, 2014)

■ Business collaborations

Onward Kashiyama

Sacra Japan

Pagong Kamedatomi Dye Factory

Daitou Shingu Kogyo

Hara Senkou Dye Factory

Keihan Agency

■ Awards

2009 Selected for All-Japan Art Salon Painting Grand Prize Exhibition (also selected in 2013)

2010 Selected for the 36th Showa Art Association Exhibition

2014 New York Contemporary Art Zero Art Exhibition Award of Excellence

■ Permanent Display

Gallery Miracle…KYOTO

■ Standing exhibition

Gallery Miracle (Taisuke Kinugasa)

衣笠泰介 プロフィール

■ 個展
2008  ギャラリーミラクル … 京都
2011   ギャラリー CASO …大阪
2013  ギャラリーすずき …京都
2014  グランフロント大阪北館ウメキタフロア…大阪
    ギャラリー黎 …京都
    hpgrp ギャラリー …ニューヨーク
2015  ギャラリーリトルハウス…京都
ベル… 札幌 、ラテスト表参道 … 東京
2016   GKギャラリー銀座、ラテスト表参道…東京
    カフェ potto…大阪

■ グループ展
2011  CAFNびわこ展 …大津
2012 日韓絵画交流展、ソンナムアートセンター…韓国ソンナム
2013  杜の美術館・日吉大社芸術祭2013…大津
2014  Zeroart Japanese Contemporary Art 2014 受賞展,
    hpgrp ギャラリー …ニューヨーク
2015  御堂筋そぞろ歩き展…大阪
2016  大丸神戸店 久保多恵子&衣笠泰介展 …神戸
    Get in touch ‘Warm Blue MAZEKOZE Art’展 ・・・ 東京

■ プロジェクト
絵馬制作 … 京都御苑内白雲神社(2011)
手描き友禅25mライブペイント …Pagong亀田富染工場(2014)

■ 企業コラボレーション

■ 受賞
2009 全日本アートサロン絵画大賞展入選(2013年同)
2010 第36回 昭和美術会展入選
2014 ニューヨーク現代美術 Zeroart展 優秀賞

■ 常設展示

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■ contact Gallery Miracle Tamami Kinugasa
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