Comments from the judge Dominique Nahas

Taisuke Kinugasa assorted-nuts

The work of Taisuke Kinugasa, Assorted Nuts won best award at Zeroart Japanese contemporary art exhibition, Jan 2014, hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK.

The prize of best award was an opportunity to have a solo exhibition at the gallery in December 2014.

Thank you very much for award Comments from the judge Dominique Nahas.

Comments from the judge

Dominique Nahas (Independent curator and critic/NY Editor-dART International)

Taisuke Kinugasa Assorted Nuts –oil on canvas

I admired the complex and sensual work Assorted Nuts by Taisuke Kinugasa. The artist takes as subject a prosaic item from the real world: acomestible presentation box of sundry nuts. The artist then proceeds through the alchemy of painting to magicalizes the everyday object through an intensification of surface values and compositional incongruities. Taisuke Kinugasa skillfully weaves together the sensual world of geometry with an equally eroticized world of pure color and painterly energies that does not rely exclusively on a coded system of mimetic to make it felt and known. The result in Assorted Nuts is a convincing work that alludes in a gentle and way to the world of visual appetite and the world of pleasure and consumption if not consumerism. Kinugasa, while applying the emblematic tendencies of Pop Art uses the pictorial surface to scramble a pre-existing code of legibility. Assorted Nuts sustains a double reading. The first is that of near – representation (as it outlines the boxy shapes that forms the interior cavities of the presentation box imprinted with logos and words. The other modality is that of near-abstraction or quasi abstraction in which we see a world where soft geometry is melded with a non-systematic and fluid world that encircles or frames a focused and centralized area. The end-result is that the artist takes into account a regime of resemblance while tethering it to a willful sensuality that seems to overwhelm the pictorial plane itself.

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Trip, Taisuke Kinugasa Exhibition in New York

Taisuke Kinugasa Exhibition in NY

Trip, Taisuke Kinugasa Exhibition in New York

hpgrp gallery New York
Date: 2014. 12.18 – 2015.1.16

Opening reception: 2014.12.18. 6pm-8pm

hpgrp gallery New York
529 West 20th St. 2W, New York NY 10011
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Tues – Sat: 11am – 6pm
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